New Year, New Release!

BlueTuxedo is now at a place where it can start getting “official releases” - whatever that means for a tool worked on during spare time with no real commitment! Expect a release more-or-less monthly unless life happens.

In this release, we added more information about what BlueTuxedo actually IS to the README, added a couple checks, and improved DHCP server identification. Also, BlueTuxedo is now available in the Powershell Gallery for ease of installation!


  • New Data Collected:
    • DnsUpdateProxy group membership
    • Name Protection on DHCP servers
  • New Checks:
    • Do ADI DNS zones enforce secure updates?
    • Is the DnsUpdateProxy group membership >0?
  • Published to PSGallery:

    Known Issues:

  • Certain multi-domain forest configurations result in inability to enumerate ADI Zones.

Contributors to this release:

  • @TrimarcJake (code)
  • @JimSycurity (research and testing)