There’s been a lot of talk around my office recently about home labs. I think it’s time to share the details of the lab I use while writing and reviewing Locksmith code.

Hardware: Mid-2014 MacBook Pro

Remote Access platforms:

  • macOS Screen Sharing
  • AnyDesk

Virtualization Platform: VirtualBox

2 Lab Machines (identical):

  • Windows Server 2022 Standard
  • 1vCPU
  • 8GB RAM
  • 100GB Drive
  • Headless startup

Forest: horse.local


  • horse.local

horse.local domain controller (DC) roles, features, and services:

  • Active Directory Domain services (AD DS)
  • AD Certificate Services (AD CS)
  • Domain Name Server (DNS)
  • git
  • Visual Studio (VS) Code Server w/Remote Tunnel DC roles, features, and services:

  • AD DS
  • AD CS
  • DNS
  • git
  • VS Code Server w/Remote Tunnel

Remote Access to DCs:

  • VS Code Remote Tunnel
  • Remote Desktop Protocol (local network only)